About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog  travelswithclaire, I hope that my experiences and travel  tips will assist you when  setting up your next travel destination.

I am an “Aussie” living in beautiful Sydney,  Australia and I have travelled extensively starting when I was 18 on a working holiday of New Zealand and never lost the wanderlust.

I have travelled  to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand,  Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Macau, Laos, Finland, Denmark,  Sweden,  Estonia, Russia, Czech Republic  Switzerland, Greece,  Cyprus, Monaco, Malta,  Monaco, Croatia, many islands in the Caribbean, Canada,  Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Africa, Canary Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, as well as working in US, NZ, UK and on cruise ships.

I have climbed volcano’s,  hiked mountains, flew in ultra lites and many small aircraft (sitting on an axe handle propped in the framework of a crop dusting plan), rode elephants, motor bikes, scooters. Travelled in all types of water craft from long boats in Thailand, sampan and junks in Vietnam, zodiac’s in the Caribbean, yachts in several countries, canoes, kayaks to name a few –  “What a wonderful world”!

This has only been part of my experiences and my aim is to share many of these in the weeks to come.


I have been lucky to experience so much of this amazing world and working on my next adventure.  Each country broadens the mind a little and enriches your life.

I have customized tours for friends and spent many, many hours on research in doing so decided to start a blog which may assist other in their quest to experience these amazing places and save some precious time.